Speed cameras catch 42,000 drivers in Cambridgeshire last year

MORE than 42,000 drivers were caught speeding by cameras in Cambridgeshire last year, new figures show.

Cambridgeshire police has revealed the number of times the county’s 37 fixed and three mobile cameras were activated in 2011.

The average speed cameras at the Forty Foot Bank, which claimed the lives of six people in five weeks in 2005, recorded 839 motorists travelling at above the 50mph limit.

The camera on Cromwell Road, St Neots, was Huntingdonshire’s busiest by far, catching 1,881 speeding drivers. The recently replaced camera on the A1123 at Needingworth caught 150 motorists before being vandalised.

The average speed cameras on the A14 between Huntingdon and Bar Hill snared 630 people and Huntingdon’s ring road camera, caught 184 people.

One camera in Cambridge was the county’s busiest with 2,487 activations. The fixed camera on the B1040 at Woodhurst was one of the quietest in Cambridgeshire, only catching 23 speeding drivers.

In total, Cambridgeshire’s speed cameras were set off 42,755 times, according to figures released in response to a Freedom of Information request.

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Mobile speed cameras across the county were set off more than 27,000 times.

The number of resulting prosecutions was not known.