‘Tis the season to be jolly – but singer-songwriter Victor Vellocette has returned to traditional values for his new Christmas tune.

Victor, from St Ives, said he wanted to write a Christmas song that "meant something" after getting fed up with corny or over-played festive offerings.

With the new song, 'It's Christmas', Victor set out to create a modern indie-pop classic with a simple message about wanting to be with your loved ones at Christmas.

The song, which comes out on December 18, follows on from Victor's third album which was released in October.

Victor said: "Back in September, I was asked to record a Christmas song by a well-known publisher. I winced at the idea as, let's face it, Christmas songs have either become over-played or extremely corny.

"Then that got me thinking that maybe a new Christmas song with some actual thought and effort should be made. I set to work, referencing some of those old classics but not creating a pale imitation."

Victor said: "I have already seen numerous comedy Christmas songs being released and my toes curl as I don't understand why Christmas has become synonymous with novelty records. I wanted to write something that actually meant something.

"What I have composed is a catchy indie-pop Christmas song with a simple message about wanting to be with your loved one(s) at Christmas, just like Slade and Wizzard did back in the day."

Victor said that for too long Christmas tunes had been beige songs or covers and even the ones which were listenable tended to pale by the festive season.

He has written, played and recorded the whole song, apart from a saxophone part, which he says is a piece of fun which he would like to see become an iTunes Christmas number one.

The Christmas song is available on all major download and streaming platforms and the music video is available on Victor's Facebook page which is www.facebook.com/vvsounds.