Somersham parents raise money for SANDS after tragic loss

AN EXPECTANT mum whose first baby died less than two hours after being born is planning a fundraising disco for SANDS and her local doctors’ surgery.

Alice Boon and her husband Stuart were devastated when their son George died on December 7, 2010. Now, with their second child due to be born on Friday, the couple want to help other families experiencing similar heartbreak.

Alice, 24, of Providence Close, Somersham, said: “Our whole world was turned upside down. We were lying in the theatre, feeling like the only people in the world that it has happened to. But, looking at statistics since then, 17 families every day in the UK go through this. It’s scary. Looking back, we were so oblivious. We were so excited about having a baby and everything was going so well – we had no idea this could happen.”

George was born 10 days overdue by emergency caesarean section, after he had become distressed during labour. Alice said he was born “singing and perfect” and the couple took photographs and cuddled him before doctors realised something was wrong.

She said: “The nurses took him for a rub down and we were told he needed help breathing and he needed to go to special care but there wasn’t enough time. He died in the early hours of December 7, in the theatre that he was born in.”

Alice and Stuart, 25, have opted to have their second child, which they call a “rainbow baby”, by elective caesarean at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge.

Alice said: “This baby is a rainbow baby – a baby that has come along after the storm.”

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She added: “When you lose a baby, I think you just go on autopilot; everything you do, every day… We are living for our son now.”

She said that they were able to wash and dress their son and have some time with him with their family.

She said: “When the time finally came to look at him for the last time, I don’t think I quite appreciated it would be for the very last time. Walking out of hospital with what was a baby bag and a baby seat was just heartbreaking and I don’t think I would be able to make that walk again.

“Our hearts and worlds are completely broken forever.

She added: “Just because our George isn’t here it doesn’t mean he doesn’t exist, he is and always will be our first baby, part of our lives. We talk about him every day and will continue to do so forever.”

The fundraising disco will be held in a barn at North Fen Farm on Parkhall Road in Somersham and will include food, a bar, an auction and a raffle. It will take place on Saturday, June 16, from 7.30pm till late.

The price of the ticket is �10 this includes entry and something to eat. For further information please contact Alice on or 07746 212289.