Losing his livelihood as a singer and art tutor overnight because of the coronavirus crisis gave Michael Ford the opportunity to revive a decade-old idea for a childrens’ book - which is now being launched.

Michael Ford's book has now been published.Michael Ford's book has now been published.

Michael, 49, from Somersham, says he has spent the time since lockdown “hammering away” to get the rhyming verse and illustrations for his book “Aaaaaaaaaaaaargh! My Sister’s a Lizard!” finished,

The idea for the book came 10 years ago and is based on the lives of his then two young daughters, but work and family put the project on the backburner until, that is, Covid struck.

Michael said: “Ten years ago I had the bones of the idea but family life, two jobs, looking after the in-laws and we rescue animals as well. got in the way.

“My main job as a singer basically disappeared overnight back in March and my art tutoring job soon after that due to Covid, so I took the opportunity to work on a book for young children that I had started developing some years before.”

An illustration from Michael's book, which he wrote in lockdown.An illustration from Michael's book, which he wrote in lockdown.

Michael said: “I spent every day of lockdown writing and illustrating and I am now in a position where I’ve self published and the book is launching now. I’m really excited.”

He explained that the book, aimed at three to eight-year-olds, tells the story of two sisters who accidentally set off a spell which turns the elder girl into a lizard, sending the younger child on a quest where she meets strange creatures in a magical land and has to find unusual ingredients to bring her sister back.

Michael said: “It’s full of adventure, magic and a twist at the end. I’m really happy that it’s received great feedback from test readings and I believe it’s important now, more than ever, to provide a means of escapism for children and a place where their imaginations can run free.”

Information about the book, which has just been released, is available at www.mysistersalizard.co.uk.

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