A grandson and grandmother were set to take on a hair raising challenge together.

Brad King and his Nan Audrey, from Somersham had planned to shave off their hair to raise money for charity.

“It was pressure from my grandma wanting me to get rid of my hair first made me think about cutting off my hair,” said Brad.

However donations have rolled in from Audrey’s friends and family calling for her not to shave off her hair.

“We had a gentleman from St Ives that knows Gran who donated £100 to ask her not to shave off her hair and then someone else added another £100.”

It was decided then that Brad will be going alone in the hair cut but with his Nan by his side for moral support.

The 30-year-old has been growing dreadlocks for the past five years to the dismay of his family.

“My wife is very happy that they will be going and so are my children.”

The pair had originally spoke about doing it and after looking at a number of charities they decided to take part in a national fundraising event.

“We looked around and we both agreed to donate all the money we raise to the MacMillan Brave the Shave event.”

Brad will be taking the plunge and getting his beloved dreadlocks cut off on August 15.