Social landlord Luminus confiscates St Neots children’s trampolines over safety fears

Russel Court, St Neots, where children used to play on their tramopline,

Russel Court, St Neots, where children used to play on their tramopline, - Credit: Archant

Parents have been left hopping mad after social landlord Luminus removed two trampolines from a communal garden area just days before the start of half term.

The school holidays are in full swing but there has been no jumping for joy in Russell Court, off Huntingdon Street, St Neots, after the equipment was taken away last week.

Resident Lucy Hodge owned one of the trampolines, which were surrounded by netting, and the other belonged to a friend.

Lucy said: “We had two trampolines in the communal area and I came home one night and they were gone.

“We’ve had no letters from Luminus to say we needed to move them. Luminus said they sent a letter but we’ve had nothing and nor have my neighbours.

“The children are devastated.”

Lucy said the trampolines were regularly moved when the grass was cut, with no problem, and had not caused issues for other residents.

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However, Luminus stood by the confiscation, after its staff discovered them at the end of last month.

A statement released by the Huntingdon-based firm described the trampolines as a ‘safety hazard’. It said: “Communal gardens are not formal play areas and are for the use of all residents who live in the associated properties.

“Luminus staff requested removal of the trampolines by the person who had placed them there, since they presented a safety hazard, no permission had been sought or granted to have them there and a nuisance could have been caused to other residents.”

The statement said Luminus wrote to the owner on May 5 giving seven days’ notice for the trampolines to be removed.

“The letter advised that if the trampolines were still there by May 13, Luminus would remove them and charge for the cost of removal,” it continued.

“The trampolines were still there by the date specified in the letter and were therefore removed.”