Skilled craftsmen carves owl design from tree trunk using chainsaw

Chainsaw carver Andy Barton.

Chainsaw carver Andy Barton. - Credit: Archant

This intricate owl design was carved from the trunk of a tree using a chainsaw and a selection of other power tools.

The chainsaw carving in the back garden at St Mary's Street

The chainsaw carving in the back garden at St Mary's Street - Credit: Archant

The Nicholls family, who live in St Mary’s Street, in Huntingdon, used the services of chainsaw carver Andy Barton to create the design in a tree at the bottom of their garden.

Mr Barton, from Norfolk, spends half his working life carving trees and the other half on the ocean waves. He is the captain of boat that takes tourists on trips to see seals on the North Norfolk coast.

Mr Barton, who has been tree carving for 15 years, said: “I visualise the design before I start, but once I get going, I just go with the flow and let the wood dictate. I work in three dimensions. I can’t see the point in producing sketches and models, a piece of wood is a living thing, you have to adapt as you carve.”

He says wet wood is easier to carve and the carving he is most proud of is a full sized reindeer he did in 2015. He has also created other wildlife and a seven foot Baloo, from The Jungle Book.