Brownie from St Neots raises funds from bake sale

Olivia Rawson, aged six, from Eynesbury in St Neots, held a bake sale to raise funds for her Rainbow unit.

Olivia Rawson, aged six, from Eynesbury in St Neots, held a bake sale to raise funds for her Rainbow unit. - Credit: CHARLOTTE WAINE

A six-year-old from St Neots has raised more  than £140 by holding a bake sale to raise money for her Rainbows club. 

Olivia Rawson, from Eynesbury, in St Neots, arranged a bake sale which sold a variety of treats such as flapjacks, chocolate cake, cookies and cupcakes.  

Her aim was to raise money for Eynesbury Brownie and Charity Unit, so they can buy craft equipment and organise trips.

Olivia Rawson held a bake sale for her Rainbow unit.

Olivia Rawson held a bake sale for her Rainbow unit. - Credit: CHARLOTTE WAINE

Charlotte Waine, Olivia’s mum, said: “When we told her how much she had raised, she was over the moon, she actually cried, we didn’t expect to raise so much. 

“As a parent I thought £10 would have been good, but £143 - we just couldn’t believe it.  

“We told her Rainbows leader; Natalie and she was so pleased and has got a little surprise in store for Olivia.” 

Olivia was also aiming to achieve her ‘leader’ rainbow badge, which she has now achieved. 

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Natalie Smith, 1st Eynesbury Rainbows leader said: “She came up with the idea, last week and we thought it was great.  

“It just completely surpassed our expectations of how many people supported her and how she had to do extra baking on the day. 

“I’m so proud of her, she has literally only been there since the beginning of January and she is one of our youngest girls.” 

The St Neots Rainbows team are holding their weekly classes combined with the St Neots Brownie’s team via zoom. 

The Brownies cover various topics including mental health, space, recycling, life skills and occasions and holidays such as Diwali, the Chinese New Year and Christmas. 

Natalie said: “I send them a pack home at the end of each month so that they can work on their next projects.” 

“We are doing a lot of things, which I think is nice for the girls to do something that’s kind of normal.” 

Many units in St Neots (including Eynesbury’s) are looking for volunteers and more information can be found at: Not only do you get to give back to the community but you also get to have fun and make some amazing friends along the way.

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