Six-month-old kitten found in river after being hit by a car in Huntingdon

A SIX-month-old kitten who was found stranded in a river in Huntingdon may have been hit by a passing car.

A passerby heard the tiny black cat’s cries near to Castle Moat Road at around 9pm on Tuesday, January 10 and contacted the RSPCA. Animal welfare officer Jane Folly had to put on a dry suit and swim out into the freezing water to reach him.

An assessment at Cromwell Vets revealed he had a broken pelvis. It is thought that he could have been hit on by a car on the busy A14 flyover, and then plummeted into the water.

The youngster, named Toad by staff at Wood Green animal charity, is now recovering and is due to be handed over to a new family shortly.

Ms Folly said: “We do not know how this poor little cat ended up in the river; there are clearly a number of theories. But thankfully he was heard by a member of the public, who was so concerned he contacted the RSPCA. It was quite a tricky rescue, because it was dark and in a river, and I couldn’t even see the cat until I was just a few feet away.

“I am just so pleased that this had a happy ending and that I was able to rescue him, and I would just like to thank the members of the public who stayed with me during the rescue and assisted me while I went into the water.”