Singer’s brewery link up could be world first

Brewer Chris Jones and Victor Vellocette. Picture: VICTORIA DARTFORD

Brewer Chris Jones and Victor Vellocette. Picture: VICTORIA DARTFORD - Credit: Archant

Music fans are used to downloading a beer or two during the course of a show, but St Ives singer-songwriter Victor Vellocette could have a world first on his hands after teaming up with Papworth Brewery.

They have come up with a cunning plan by offering the first single from Victor's new album as a free download from a specially-brewed ale, using a QR code on the bottle.

Victor, who has performed nearly 1,000 gigs and is a veteran of the local music scene, said he had just finished his new album Victor Vellocette, which comes out on October 28, and had come up with a "totally new way" of releasing the first single after forming the link with Cambridgeshire's Papworth Brewery.

"We are brewing an American amber ale. The beer will have a QR code to a single from the album, a 60s surf-inspired song called Off the Lip and the beer will be called the same," Victor said.

"To fit in with this theme it will be a West Coast American-style IPA. The music will complement the beer and vice versa."

Victor was the singer in popular local bands 9foldpunch and Voilet Bones, going solo when they broke up and recording his debut album VV. He played all the instruments and learnt recording techniques at the same time.

The fan of classic American Brill Building tunes then gigged as much as he could on the back of the album but found himself burning out and struggling to make a follow up.

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But Victor, who also runs his own record label, Retromatic Records, said he had found new energy and had returned to the troubadour story-telling mode which had shaped his career, finishing his new album in the process.

"Musically, there is a solid old-style approach to song writing on this record, big choruses you will want to sing along with, catchy verses with sweet melodies and, most importantly, honesty which is generally missing in music at the moment," Victor said. He said he was not tied to any particular genre and described the new album as a retro pop record with elements of folk and country, through to surf and rock.

Victor Vellocette will be out on CD, Bandcamp and major download sites.