Simply the Best: St Neots’ dad thanks NHS staff in the style of Tina Turner

Brian Moore from St Neots pays tribute to NHS workers through the music of Tina Turner

Brian Moore from St Neots pays tribute to NHS workers through the music of Tina Turner - Credit: Archant

A man from St Neots has paid his own tribute to NHS staff in the style of Tina Turner.

Brian Moore, 48, from St Neots, recorded the track in his kitchen after penning the lyrics over breakfast.

The father-of-five, who is currently isolating with his three younger children and wife Michelle, has also recorded other coronavirus parody videos on his Facebook.

He said: “It was just a bit of fun at first that I was sharing among family and friends but now its gone bananas.

“I was penning the lyrics to the song over breakfast and I thought by using Tina Turner’s Simply The Best it was very relevant right now.

“When I was recording the other videos I had a bit of drink beforehand but then with this one I wanted to take it a bit more serious and heartfelt.

“I thought that if there was some magical way it would get seen by all the NHS staff on the frontline then that would be great.”

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In under 24 hours Brian’s video has been shared more than 5,000 times in NHS support groups and pages on social media.

He continued: “My family are now trying to get in touch with people in the music industry to help with copyright restrictions to see if we could properly get it out there and support the NHS.

“Michelle has really been encouraging me to share the video and create a YouTube account. She was sat watching TV while I went in the kitchen to record it at about 9pm last night (April 9).

“I thought if I can swing my hips and make people smile then that helps at this time too.”

Brian, like many across the UK was furloughed from his electronics company last week.

But music is in his blood, as he explained he previously ran a successful karaoke disco business for five years.

He added: “I’ve got the confidence but I know I can’t sing for toffee.

“But someone we know who is high up in the NHS said they were going to show it at their board meeting this morning – so never could I have imagined that this would happen.

“My older son and daughter are very musical and my son made it through the first audition stages in The X Factor a few years back.

“I’m already planning my next video as a remake of Bon Jovi’s Livin’ On A Prayer.”

Here are some of the lyrics that Brian is singing along to Tina Turner’s Simply the Best

““We called you when we needed you when this virus took hold,

You stood up to the challenge so brave so bold,

You took the lead - in our desperate time of need.

“Your shifts are long but all along you stayed strong

“Our NHS better than all the rest,

Our angels disguise, they deserve a pay rise!”