It was the end of an era for the St Ives Music and Drama Society (SIMADS) on Sunday as it was formally dissolved.

A handover ceremony was held to mark the closure of SIMADS, in St Ives. Picture: Elite Photo Studio St Ives.A handover ceremony was held to mark the closure of SIMADS, in St Ives. Picture: Elite Photo Studio St Ives.

There was a silver lining for members, however, as a ceremony was held to hand over the assets of SIMADS to the trustees and young actors of St Ives Youth Theatre (SIYT).

The hand-over took place at the Free Church, in St Ives, and was led by Michael G Williams, president of SIMADS, and Andy Davis, chairman of the youth theatre group, with events overseen by the mayor of the town, Councillor Tim Drye.

The constitution of SIMADS required that, in the event of dissolution, its assets would be handed to a charitable cause in line with its own aims and, in SIYT, it was unanimously agreed that a worthy cause had been found.

A spokesman for SIMADS said: "The dissolution of any society after such a long period of success and achievement is always sad. It was an opportunity to remember old friends and specific achievements.

"In particular we remembered with affection all the producers, musical directors, wardrobe mistresses, stage managers and the hundreds of people who have worked so hard behind the scenes over the years.

"At the same time this was a very positive occasion when we celebrated the undoubted recent successes of SIYT and wished them well for the future.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal audiences who have supported and encouraged SIMADS for more than eight decades."

As well as a small pot of money, the keys to a decommissioned mess hut, used as a base for SIMADS for more than 30 years, were also handed over, giving the youth theatre a permanent home for the future.

It will also serve as a home for housing a comprehensive galaxy of costumes, scenery storage and construction, musical scores and extraneous items.

A spokesman for SIMADS added: "It is not just a hut but a piece of history for its provenance and its usage. SIYT will definitely be able to make very good use of such an asset - particularly the costumes and scenery storage."