Dessert Shop Snik Snax asks people to support their High Street shops

Carol Moore Owner of Snik Snax on Huntingdon High Street 

Carol Moore Owner of Snik Snax on Huntingdon High Street - Credit: Archant

Snik Snax, the dessert shop, on Huntingdon High Street is asking shoppers to support local high street businesses.  

Carol Moore, owner of Snik Snax feels that it is important for people to support their towns shops.  

She opened up the dessert shop only three months ago and really appreciates herself the local support.  

Carol said: “It is really important, because if you are shopping locally, you are supporting small local businesses.  

Snik Snax owner Carol Moore 

Snik Snax owner Carol Moore - Credit: Archant

“That’s what we need at the moment, “I always prefer to shop locally myself.

“I also try to recommend businesses to people whilst they are buying a dessert from me in my shop.  

“If someone wants their hair done or their nails done I will recommend someone on the High Street."

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Carol explained that she really appreciates it when other businesses recommend her too.  

Carol said: “More and more people have started to come in and it is lovely to hear that I have been recommended."