MP wishes for a better year to come

Shailesh Vara is the MP for North West Cambridgeshire.

Shailesh Vara is the MP for North West Cambridgeshire. - Credit: SHAILESH VARA

As we look to 2022, we do so with hope for a better year than the one we are leaving. 

Difficulties continue but we are in a much better place than so many other countries. The majority of the population has received two vaccine doses each and there are growing numbers of booster jabs being administered every hour. This is making a real difference and lives are being saved. 

The challenge now is to strike a balance between living our lives as normally as possible whilst taking the necessary precautions to ensure safety for ourselves, our loved ones, and those who we come into contact with. 

I am confident that we will meet this challenge, as we have done in the past, with the same strength, resilience, tenacity and spirit that defines us as a country. It will not be easy but we, as a community and country, are determined to see this through. 

I wish you a safe and peaceful New Year and much hope for a better year ahead.”