Sex in the suburbs: swingers hotel opens in Cambs

A SWINGERS club has opened in Alconbury - and has already held several weekend “party nights”.

THE A1 corridor in Hunt�ingdonshire is becoming a playground for bedroom sports following the Sawtry sex shop application and, now, a swingers hotel has opened at Alconbury.

Tease II Hotel is operating from a building near Alconbury truck stop on Rusts Lane, and has already held several weekend “party nights”.

Owner Stewart Hobbs took over the hotel earlier this month, and plans to offer private parties at weekends and a budget truck driver stopover during the week.

Upcoming theme nights at the club include Friday’s “Swinging Cherries Party Night”, and February’s “Month of Love”, according to the club’s website.

Mr Hobbs, 44, said he expects the success of the club to grow once a re-fit is completed this weekend.

“The last two weekends I could have sold the rooms twice over, so when all the rooms are finished there will be even more space,” he said. “There is potential for a very successful club in Alconbury.”

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Around 40 guests attended the hotel’s first two weekends, but Mr Hobbs anticipates that numbers will double in the coming weeks.

Couples pay �20 to attend the club, which boasts 18 en-suite rooms, and a social area with bar and DJ, while single men pay �35 and single women �5, with weekend packages for Friday and Saturday nights also available.

Mr Hobbs previously ran Club Tease in Over, which was closed down last year by police and council officers after he was served with a court warrant for a breach of planning control on the land. At that time, the club’s membership was estimated at around 2,500, and Mr Hobbs said it had since grown.

Last month Mr Hobbs was fined �12,500 for operating without planning permission at the Norman Way Industrial Estate in Over for two-and-a-half years.

He said he was sure there would be an appetite for the club in its new home.

“People want to get a bit of excitement and variety into their lives. You don’t want to sit having dinner with the same person every Saturday night of your life.

“What we are doing is no different to what other holiday operators are doing at their adult-only weekends.”

Of potential objections to the club, he said: “I can see why people in their naivety would wonder what goes on – fair dues to them. But at the club I have never seen a drunk person, or a violent person. There’s not a pub in Huntingdon that can say that.

“Figures show that there are 1.6million people into the scene in the UK, and another 2million who want to get into it. There wouldn’t be 376 clubs in the UK otherwise.”

Robert Heys, the owner of the Alconbury complex which includes the truck stop facilities and hotel, said it was a positive sign that the hotel was back in business.

“It has been empty for over two years, and Mr Hobbs taking it over as a budget hotel has to be better than it being knocked down,” he said.

“He has taken on the hotel on an ongoing month-by-month basis, and as it is, we are lucky to find anyone to take the hotel.”

Mr Heys added that the hotel’s proposed use as a venue Tease II Hotel had been discussed with Mr Hobbs, but said it was not the primary use of the hotel.

“I think Mr Hobbs accepts he has to move into different business from before, so it will be primarily a budget hotel.

“The hotel is in a very convenient location for truckers looking for a stopover. The customers he gets at the weekends will be a way of keeping the business going.”

Mr Heys sees the regeneration of the hotel as part of the ongoing development at the truck stop, which has recently seen new toilet and shower blocks fitted, with improved food, drink and filling station facilities on their way. He anticipates that up to 10 new jobs may be created by the renovations.

The club seems to have been well-received so far, judging by responses on its website, which has already attracted over 1,200 visitors.

After their visit on Saturday, January 8, one couple praised the facilities on offer, saying: “This club is going to be the premier place to be in a very short time, so we would recommend that you all get along there as soon as possible. You will not be disappointed.”

Another posted: “Love all the hard work you have put in guys. In such a short space of time you have built a fantastic place. Can’t wait to see it grow like Tease1.”