Roadworks on A428 near St Neots should cause “minimal disruption” says Wintringham Park developer

New roadworks on A428 at St Neots will cause "minimal disruption" says developer

New roadworks on A428 at St Neots will cause "minimal disruption" says developer - Credit: Archant

A housing developer has released details of eight weeks of roadworks on the busy A428 road near St Neots.

The work is part of the new Wintringham Park development on the eastern corner of the town and will provide construction access from the road onto the site.

The new access will be installed on the A428 between the Cambridge Road and Barford Road roundabouts. It will enable direct access to the development from the road network and is routed away from villages and the town as part of the agreed Construction Management Plan.

The multi-million access, funded by Urban&Civic as part of the development, has been designed in a way which means that lorries can move off the A428 efficiently, without any back-log, coming into the site through the development area, to be directed

to their destination.

Urban&Civic says this means the lorries will be routed away from existing homes along Cambridge Road and the new homes.

There will also be site wheel-washing equipment in place to ensure the impact on the road network from construction traffic is minimised.

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On August 16 the road will need to be closed for the installation and removal of safety barriers. Apart from that, the road will be open as usual in the day – although a 40 mph temporary speed limit will be in place on a relatively short piece of the carriageway throughout the works as part of the safety strategy for the project.

There will be traffic lights in place overnight (8pm – 6am) to control the traffic. This will ensure work is carried out when it will have least impact on local residents and businesses and aim to ensure impact is kept to a minimum.

Rebecca Britton, Urban&Civic, said: “Putting in place this construction access has been a commitment we made from the early days of discussions with local residents, as it is really important that we minimise the impact on local communities and manage construction traffic along the strategic road network. While we know these works will cause some inconvenience, they have been designed working with Highways England and the Cambridgeshire County Council to ensure we can keep traffic moving during works and be as quick as possible in putting the access in place.

“Once it is up and running all construction vehicles will be routed directly from the A428, taking the pressure off Cambridge Road, and ensuring a well managed construction access for the remainder of the development.”

Urban&Civic says the area where work is being carried out “is not close to homes, and whilst some aspects of the work will create some noise, we do not anticipate this will cause disturbance to local residents”. Anybody with any issues or concerns should ring the hotline number to speak to the project team on: 01449 720282 or call the Wintringham team on: 01480 413141.

Jon Tovell, from J Breheny, the company carrying out the work, added: “Our teams have worked hard to plan these works carefully so we cause as little disruption as possible but the team will be on site 24/7 during the works so people can contact us with any issues that emerge.”

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