Health services in Cambridgeshire are “well prepared” for Coronavirus outbreak

Health services in Cambridgeshire have said that they are prepared for the virus. Picture: Getty Im

Health services in Cambridgeshire have said that they are prepared for the virus. Picture: Getty Images/iStockphoto - Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

The NHS bodies have issued advice to people in the area.

Health services in Cambridgeshire have confirmed they are "extremely well prepared" for an outbreak of the Coronavirus.

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Comissioning group (CCG) has said it is working together to "put in place measures to ensure safety of all patients and NHS staff" whilst ensuring that services are available to the public as normal.

In a statement, the CCG said the risk to the general public was "moderate", but it wanted to reassure patients that safety was a "top priority", and people are encouraged to attend all health appointments as usual.

The CCG said: "The risk to the general public is moderate. If you have arrived back to the UK from one of the specified areas within 14 days, follow the specific advice for returning travellers.

"Information for the public, including specific advice for returning travellers, is available online."

The news comes after Hinchingbrooke School, in Huntingdon, issued advice to parents after students returned from a trip to Italy.

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Staff and students at the school took part an annual ski trip to Italy, which currently has towns isolated by authorities in the country.

The school has said that although the risk is small, they were following advice, and advised parents to get any "flu-like symptoms" checked out.

A statement posted on the school's website read: "As our ski trip did not visit any of the towns currently isolated by the Italian authorities, the closest of which is over 100 miles from our trip venue, Government advice is that there is no immediate need for anyone to self-isolate if none of the symptoms of the virus are evident.

"Although the risk appears to be very small, we are all advised to be vigilant and take appropriate steps should symptoms develop."

Yesterday (Tuesday), the Prime Minister Boris Johnson held a meeting with Cabinet members unveiling the government's "battle plan" for combating the disease.

He said that a "social distancing" strategy would see people encouraged to work from home to avoid unnecessary travel.

Nationally there has been 51 people tested positive for Coronavirus on Tuesday.