Isolation means you have to be creative with the kids!

Louisa Nevard and her children camped in the back garden.

Louisa Nevard and her children camped in the back garden. - Credit: LOUISA NEVARD

After finding out on the last day of the school term that my son had to self-isolate for 10 days, we decided we would not be beaten and would have fun at home.

At the weekend we decided to camp in the garden in our six-person tent. The kids had an inflatable double bed and I had a small self-inflating mat from the middle isle of Aldi.

I would test out my new mat out in the comfort of my own garden. At first, I was quite comfortable on my side but after a few hours my hips hurt. I spent all night tossing and turning desperately trying to get comfortable.

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In the end, I started to regret the fact I was sleeping next to two children on a comfortable air bed. I was very tempted to roll one off but by then it was 7:30am and the tent was getting hot.

We had to evacuate before the sun cooked us. I tried to get out of my sleeping bag but I had tossed and turned so much I was stuck. My son had to roll me out of the tent and across the lawn to unzip me. The kids loved sleeping in the tent and I know I will too once I sort myself out a decent sleeping mat.

During the heatwave we decided to have a rare treat. A take-away outdoors! It was the first time we had eaten a take-away on our new patio but we were all very excited.

Previously, the step out into the garden was so high I used to fall out of the door (strangely only I seemed to do that). Not this time, now we had a nice small step onto the patio.

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The kids set the table and we all sat down to eat our Chinese. Within a few minutes bird poo dropped from the sky into my toddler’s cup. No problem. I’ll just get him another one.

A few minutes later a bird poo dropped on my toddler plate twice, each time I had to give him a fresh plate with more food.

The take-out meal in Louisa's garden did not go entirely to plan!

Take out anyone! - Credit: LOUISA NEVARD

Finally, the birds allowed us to eat our food and then my husband looked on the floor. Green seaweed had been trampled into our unsealed patio. We all had to jump up, move the table and jet wash the patio. Outdoor dining anyone?