Secret Cambs location the lift-off site for ambitious paper planes project

ONE hundred memory cards attached to paper planes will be launched from 30,000 metres above the earth - at a secret location in Cambridgeshire.

The ambitious experiment, called Project Space Planes, is being carried out by digital marketing company The Viral Factory, which is looking to test the durability of Samsung SD memory cards.

Sometime this month the planes will be released from a meteorological balloon in the stratosphere above Cambridgeshire.

Over the next few days people are invited to upload pictures, films and messages to a blog which will then be uploaded to the SD cards before they are released.

A spokesman for The Viral Factory said: “The planes will disperse over a wide area and could reach as far as Siberia.

“Each plane will be printed with a design which tells the finder what to do with the card if they find one, as well as feature the URL of the website and the Samsung logo.

“Anyone who finds one of the cards will then be invited to test the card and to see if the information is intact, they can then re-upload the data back to the blog proving that the SD cards survived the feat.”

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Fronting the project is Joel Veitch, who runs the website and has previously tried to launch a rocket made entirely of bacon.

Henry Cowling, creative director of The Viral Factory, said: “It’s an insanely ambitious attempt to launch a flotilla of paper airplanes across the earth.

“If we’re successful it will dramatically prove that Samsung’s SD cards can survive some of the toughest conditions on (and off) the earth. And it’s a chance for the internet audience to take part in a new world record and send a message from space.

“It was clear that Joel Veitch was the best choice to front Paper Planes, after we saw a video of him attempting to launch a rocket made entirely of bacon, on his site The launch spectacularly failed, but we enjoyed his charismatic endeavour!”

• To upload content to one of the SD cards, visit the Project Space Planes link which can be found at the top of this page.