A magnet fisherman’s catch caused quite a stir in Offord Cluny yesterday (Sunday).

The bomb squad arrived and disposed of the grenade. Picture: RAF_EODThe bomb squad arrived and disposed of the grenade. Picture: RAF_EOD

Police were forced to close off a lock and boats were stopped from navigating along the River Great Ouse after a Second World War grenade was discovered.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire police said: “We were called at just after 5pm to Offord lock, where a magnet fisher had pulled what is believed to have been a Second World War hand grenade from the river.

“Bomb disposal blew up the grenade in a nearby field at about 8.40pm.”

The bomb disposal team, WO 5131, based at RAF Wittering, tweeted: “Many thanks to local residents Offord for your assistance and patience, your support enabled the team to clear the area promptly.”

Magnet fishing involves attaching a strong neodymium magnet to a line and searching bodies of water for metallic objects, typically coins or jewellery, although some fisherman carry out the hobby for environmental purposes, removing bicycles, tyre rims and other debris from the water.