A second child has tested positive for Covid-19 at a school in St Neots

‘The school will remain open and CCC are working with staff to ensure it remains safe for other children and staff’.

A second pupil has tested positive for Covid-19 at Little Paxton Primary School, Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) has confirmed.

Yesterday, Tuesday October 13 a second pupil at the school tested positive for Covid-19 and on Friday October 9 the first pupil tested positive for Covid-19.

CCC have confirmed that both students and their bubbles are now self-isolating and the cases between the bubbles are not linked.

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A CCC spokesperson said: “We can confirm we have been notified that two ‘bubbles’ at Little Paxton Primary School are currently isolating due to positive Covid-19 test results.

“The cases between the bubbles are not linked.

“The affected people and those that have been identified as close contacts are isolating, as per the existing process agreed by the Local Authority, Public Health England and our schools.

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“We are working with the school and it remains open and safe for all other children and staff.”