Search for racial attackers of Huntingdon couple continues

POLICE are still searching for the culprits behind a vicious New Year attack which left one woman in hospital.

The woman, aged 41 and a 37-year-old man were racially abused by two men as they made their way home along St Peter’s Road, Huntingdon before 6am on New Year’s Day.

The couple were found knocked down in the middle of the road by neighbours. It is believed the woman suffered a deep cut to her hand.

One of the offenders was described as 25 to 30, white, 5’5’’ with cropped hair. He was wearing a white, round-necked T-shirt and chain necklace.

The other was described as white, in his early 20s, 5’11’’, clean shaven with short, curly mousey hair. He was wearing a leather jacket over a white top.

Huntingdon Town Councillor Patrick Kadewere, who also organises the annual Unity in the Community day, called for anyone who might have information about the culprits to come forward.

“If anyone knows who has done it, they have to report it to the police. We should as a community work with the police to find out what happened.”

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Inspector Ian Ford said: “This sort of incident is quite rare, very rare really. I think it is an opportunist crime rather than anything else. It does not form any pattern.

“It is an isolated attack, which has been investigated and we will see what happens as a result of the investigation.”