I't’s tough and even people who aren’t in a bad place would agree' - Scott Hardiman.

Scott Hardiman writes about mental health for The Hunts Post. 

Scott Hardiman writes about mental health for The Hunts Post. - Credit: Scott Hardiman

If we are honest, what we are experiencing right now is not exactly mouth opening laughter is it? For a lot of us, it’s the opposite.

It’s tough and even people who aren’t in a bad place would agree. So, what can we do to keep ourselves in the best headspace now and moving forward?

You may have heard a number of times, and that’s because it’s powerful: Talk to others, whether that’s family, friends or someone not in your inner circle.

Talking gets worries out of our heads and when we do this, the worry never seems quite as bad as when it’s running through our own mind.

Talking also gives others the opportunity for them to talk about how they feel, which means that we can help. Helping in itself makes us feel better, so talking really creates a win-win situation.

Something else that can really help is to minimise worrying about the future.

We all tend to look for certainty, but that brings a lot of speculation when it comes to the future. The problem with this is that it can create anxiety and stress. If we can get used to this, and realise that no matter how much we worry about what’s to come, there is nothing we can do it can actually become quite liberating. Plan, yes, but don’t worry.

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Another powerful thing we can do to help shine a bit of light on everything is try to focus on the positives. That might sound difficult given the current situation, but it’s important to remember that a positive doesn’t have to be big.

I’m not saying ignore the negatives. Those can be important. What I’m saying is that placing emphasis on the positives we experience on a day-to-day basis, we can begin to release the burdens of day-to-day life.

Like I said, the positives don’t have to be big, either. Whether we’ve had a particularly nice cup of tea or given our family or friends a call, placing the emphasis on these can make that burden that we’re all carrying a bit lighter.

These are just a few things we can begin to incorporate into our lives. I’m confident that if we bear these in mind our minds will feel a little calmer.

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