What are the outstanding primary schools in Huntingdonshire?

Spring Common Academy received an Outstanding Ofsted report. 

Spring Common Academy received an Outstanding Ofsted report. - Credit: Google Maps

Within Huntingdonshire there are quite a few primary schools that have ranked ‘Outstanding’ in their Ofsted Inspection. 

When a school receives an ‘Outstanding’ rating it means that the school has been marked the highest in certain categories of inspection.  

Schools are examined closely on their quality of teaching, learning and assessment, effective leadership and management, early years provision, personal development and behaviour and welfare and outcomes for pupils.  

If a school receives an ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted rating, they do not have to be re-inspected for several years. 

1.) Holywell COFe Primary School  

The primary school, in its last Ofsted inspection on October 15 last year was ranked ‘Outstanding’  

The primary school has only a capacity of 210 and has a long list of vision and values such as Truthfulness and Trust, Service and Respect.  

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2.) Buckden CofE Primary School in St Neots

This primary school also in its last Ofsted inspection on December 10 2020 was ranked ‘Outstanding’ 

The school has five British values of Democracy, The rule of law, Individual liberty, Mutual respect, Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs. 

Middlefield Primary School also received an Ofsted Outstanding mark.

Middlefield Primary School also received an Ofsted Outstanding mark. - Credit: Google Images

3.) Middlefield Primary Academy in Eynesbury St Neots 

This primary school had its last Ofsted inspection a while ago in June 25 2014 and was ranked ‘Outstanding’ 

The school which holds 207 pupils has the aim that by the time pupils leave the school in Year 6 they become independent and successful learners, happy, healthy and confident individuals and responsible and caring citizens.  

4.) Samuel Pepys School in St Neots 

This primary school had its last Ofsted inspection on March 26 2019 and was ranked ‘Outstanding’ 

The ethos of our school is based on the values of respect, positivity and purpose. 

5.) Spring Common Academy in Huntingdon  

The school with an age range of 2-19 years old, had it’s last Ofsted Inspection in December 2019 and was ranked ‘Outstanding’ 

All students have a statement of special educational needs. The proportion of students who speak English as an additional language is above the national average. 

6.) Hartford Infant School in Huntingdon

The school had it’s last Ofsted Inspection in December 2 2008 and was ranked ‘Outstanding’ 

At Hartford Infant School, fundamental British values are promoted through their Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural (SMSC) development of pupils.