Schools targeted in car attack threat

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Crime news - Credit: Archant

A St Neots school has recieved an email from someone that has threatened to drive a car into school children.

Cambridgeshire police have confirmed that several schools have received the email, including Longsands Academy earlier today.

They are now working with the National Crime Agency to establish what has happened.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire Police said: “We are aware of a series of malicious communications to schools across the country this morning (Wednesday 28 March).

“Enquiries are being carried out to establish the facts and forces are working together, along with the National Crime Agency, to investigate who is responsible.”

A Cambridgeshire County Council spokesperson said: “A large number of Cambridgeshire schools received a malicious email this morning (28 March).

“All schools who received this email have been advised to report the threat to the police which they have been doing.

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“The Police are working closely with the National Crime Agency, to investigate who is responsible.

“At the moment they are requesting that schools be vigilant but not change their procedures, however schools should dial 999 if they have any significant concerns relating to the email.”