School launches campaign to tackle parking

Pupils at Sawtry Junior Academy with the road safety banner outside the school. PICTURE: Athen

Pupils at Sawtry Junior Academy with the road safety banner outside the school. PICTURE: Athene Communications - Credit: Archant

Sawtry Junior Academy has launched a campaign to encourage safer driving and more considerate parking outside the school.

The academy, which is part of the Cambridge Meridian Academies Trust (CMAT), wants to increase awareness of road safety and reduce the amount of traffic outside the school during peak school hours.

Sawtry Junior Academy faces a challenge with parents parking and driving carelessly outside the school during peak times.

To combat this, the academy ran a competition for pupils, giving them the chance to create posters that would be featured on lampposts around the academy building. The winning designs were then chosen to be featured on a banner, which is now displayed outside the school gates.

Sarah Flack, principle at Sawtry Junior Academy said: 'Sawtry Junior Academy has an obligation to protect pupils and we have to ensure that the area at the front of the school is not dangerous.'

'We have made various attempts to communicate to parents the importance of driving and parking safely when in close proximity of the school.'

'I hope this campaign will send the right message and that more responsible driving and parking will be displayed outside the school.'

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Safety conscious pupils were tasked with designing a picture that highlights the important message of responsible driving and parking. From these, seven designs were chosen as winners by a group of judges. The winning pupils will now have their artwork featured in a banner and displayed outside the school.

Zoe, a pupil at Sawtry Junior Academy, said 'It is important to drive and park safely because there are a lot of young children at the school and we don't want anyone to be hurt.'

Kitty, another pupil at Sawtry Junior Academy, said: 'We are pleased our poster was used for the campaign because we put a lot of time and effort in to it.'