Scam artists target motorists around St Neots

SCAM artists are targeting motorists around St Neots and trying to sell them watches to pay for fuel, officers are warning.

Cambridgeshire police has received calls from motorists who have been flagged down by a person who appears to be broken down.

The broken down motorist offers the passer-by expensive-looking watches or gold-coloured rings, which are worthless, in exchange for money.

A police spokesman said: “During conversation the broken down motorist often offers a sob story that they have run out of fuel and are in desperate need to get somewhere else - either to a hospital or the airport.

“In exchange for cash the motorist offers the passer-by expensive looking watches or gold coloured rings. Needless to say when the item is analysed it is found to be totally worthless.

“If it’s too good to be true – it probably isn’t.

“Please be vigilant when being flagged down in rural areas and do not buy items from the side of the road. Where possible do obtain a description of the person offering the items and try to obtain the index number of the car being driven.”

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INFORMATION: If you see any information on this scam, call the police on 101 or e-mail