Sawtry footballer collapses on pitch


Ambulance. - Credit: Archant

A football match was abandoned after a Sawtry player collapsed on the pitch on Saturday afternoon.

The Huntingdonshire side, which plays in the Peterborough League Premier Division, was 1-0 up at Pinchbeck, in Lincolnshire, when midfielder Chris Down went down to his knees and passed out.

Jason Bohonis, Sawtry FC manager, said: “It was just before half time and the ball had gone out for a throw near the dugout when Chris knelt down and asked for treatment.

“The trainer went over to him and Chris fell on his side and I asked the referee to go on. He had lost all colour and had passed out. It must have been for about five or six seconds, but it seemed longer. It was very scary.

“I’ve got basic first aid but the Pinchbeck manager Ian Dunn was very switched-on and called out for someone to ring for an ambulance. I’m no medical expert so I’m not sure whether he stopped breathing or not.

“There was also a nurse from the cardiology unit at Peterborough hospital on the sidelines and she came over to help with the treatment.

“The fast response vehicle was there in six or seven minutes, then a paramedic and an ambulance.

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“The response was great. He was treated for about 25 minutes on the pitch before an ambulance took him to hospital. The players were all left shaken by it and as it was getting late, we agreed to abandon the game.

“Chris was given an ECG at the hospital but it didn’t show up anything. He was let out on Saturday evening and is recovering at home. He’s going back in for more tests this week to see if they can find out what was wrong.

“The Pinchbeck team can be proud of their conduct.”

Mr Bohonis added: “Chris is only 27. He is a fit lad, there’s not an ounce of fat on him. He was in the forces and he’s probably the fittest player I’ve got.

“He’s been having a great season, scoring eight goals, so it is a big loss to the team but football is the least important thing for him as he needs to get better.”

Sawtry play at league leaders Oakham this weekend.