Sapley Road speed limit lowered

THE final jigsaw piece in a 12-year campaign to improve road safety in Sapley Road, Huntingdon, was put into place last week – a new 30mph speed limit.

Previously, residents has complained that the road, which had a 40mph limit, attracted speeding traffic during the day and boy racers at night.

It is hoped the new limit, which came into force on Monday last week, along with improved street lighting and give-way features, will deter speeding cars.

The �18,200 scheme was jointly funded by Huntingdonshire District Council, Cambridgeshire County Council and Huntingdon Town Council.

County and district councillor Jeff Dutton said he had been campaigning since 1999 to get the speed limit along the road reduced.

“I have had about 12 phone calls and met three or four people out and about from Sapley Road, who say it has made a great difference already,” he said.

“I work all the time on road safety issues and I pushed and pushed for this. Getting the crossing in by the Barley Mow pub also helped matters.

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“It has cost a lot money and we have had a lot of different people getting involved.”

The give-way features were installed along the road last year from the junction with King’s Ripton Road to the junction with Coneygear Road. The four build-outs aim to make it easier for pedestrians to cross the road and have the potential to reduce speeds at these points by calming traffic.

Street lighting along the road has also been upgraded.

Sharon Piper, CCC area traffic manager, said: “Each year the town and parish councils are asked to bid for improvements they would like to see that would be of benefit to their parishioners.

“In this instance the council was keen to put in a new speed limit. When the police did their routine checks, there were physical measures that had to be put in first, which included give-way features, and the street lighting has been upgraded.”

There was one injury road traffic accident in Sapley Road last year and a serious injury collision in 2008.