Staff from Crosshall Junior School have made a video of themselves singing and dancing along to S Club 7’s song Reach to welcome in the new term.

Staff at Crosshall School in St Neots made a collage for pupilsStaff at Crosshall School in St Neots made a collage for pupils

The school, in Eaton Ford, St Neots, said it made the light-hearted video in an effort to keep spirits up and reassure pupils.

Headteacher Anne Eardley said: “Having reflected on the school year so far, I now firmly believe that our school values of ambition, resilience and kindness are the right ones to promote with all our children. The kindness of our community has been enormously helpful to our families, as well as to the staff and children in school, and kept us with a positive mindset.

“The uncertainty of the past few weeks has not been easy for any of us and for some in our community, it has been enormously difficult. Our collective resilience (parents, children, staff and governors) throughout this difficult life-chapter will keep us grounded in the moment and keep us from worrying about the future and what may happen.”