Runner’s year-long charity challenge pays dividends

CHALLENGE: Claire Webster has run 1,310 miles and raised £1,940 over the last year

CHALLENGE: Claire Webster has run 1,310 miles and raised £1,940 over the last year - Credit: Archant

A mum who was so ill with ulcerative colitis that she had to undergo chemotherapy has just completed a year-long running challenge, clocking up more than 1,300 miles and raising nearly £2,000 for charity.

Claire Webster, 34, has been running every day for a year to support Crohn’s and Colitis UK, taking part in three marathons, five half-marathons and a host of other races.

She completed her challenge with a Halloween run through her home village of Somersham alongside running colleagues.

Claire, a nurse and health visitor who has two young daughters, said: “The reason I am running is because I have had ulcerative colitis for almost 13 years.

“I have had periods where I have been so unwell that exercise was not an option. I want to raise money and awareness that this is an invisible disability and raise the profile of accessible toilets - not just for wheelchair users.”

Ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s are chronic inflammatory bowel conditions and Claire’s running challenge has raised £1,940 so far for the charity which supports sufferers.

Claire said she had previously been fit but only started running in May 2016 and started her year-long challenge in November of that year.

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“Having struggled to run between lampposts this was a huge challenge,” she said. “In fact I have now run three marathons over the year and my last one was Chester where I was 48 seconds from securing a good time for age time - I finished in three hours 45 minutes and 48 seconds.”

Since she started running Claire has also seen her health improve: “I am not on any medication now at all. I have never been this well, it is obviously working for me.”

Now that the year has ended, Claire plans to carry on running and fundraising with a double marathon distance planned for 2018.

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