Rugby club holding events to raise awareness about mental health

St Neots Rugby Club is raising awareness about mental health issues in sport.

St Neots Rugby Club is raising awareness about mental health issues in sport. - Credit: ST NEOTS RUGBY CLUB

St Neots Rugby Club are to hold two events in September to raise awareness about mental health issues.  

The club has recently partnered with an organisation called Just One Cick Away (JOCA) a mental health charity, which started at Welwyn Rugby Club, after the loss of two of their players to suicide. 

St Neots' club wants to step in and help raise awareness on mental health and have organised a men’s and women's game on September 4 and then a mini and juniors event on September 11. 

Nick Ashford, the captain of St Neots Rugby Club, who is helping to organise the events, said: “We wanted to hold an event to publish the fact that we have joined this other group of clubs around the area, that have previously signed up to JOCA. 

“On September 4, the senior men’s side will play an emergency services team and our ladies' side will play another ladies team.   

“We will be putting a social event on in the evening, which might be a disco or a band. Prior to the game, on Saturday afternoon, our vice-presidents will hold a VIP dinner and will make a donation to the cause.” 

“The second event will be a mini and juniors event, under-6's up to under-16’s and we are hoping to have some team events, with a few stalls out and try and raise a bit more money.” 

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Nick describes how the club supports people through the JOCA fund, and he said: “Although we are part of a wider group that suports mental health, we are self-sufficient in the way we support people.  

"For example, if we had a club member who was not able to find employment, we would look to get their CV written for them and then we would out then in contact with people who could coach them through interviews and we could also support them.  

“All of that kind of support would come out of the JOCA fund, that we have to build ourselves really. There is a massive Stigma still around mental health and very much so in the rugby world.  

“I work in the emergency services in London and I have recently completed the mental health first aid instructors course, so it is something that is really close to my heart.” 

To find out more about the JOCA charity go to: