An award-winning gin distillery near Huntingdon has paused production to produce a hand sanitising liquid to supply to key workers in Cambridgeshire.

Artisan gin brand Roundwood, in Abbots Ripton, decided they wanted to help with the huge demand for hand sanitisers to keep workers safe.

The bottles are made up of 80 per cent alcohol hand sanitising liquid and distributed free of charge.

“Once the government relaxed the licensing requirements for production a couple of weeks ago, we felt we had to take the opportunity and do something to help the heroic key workers in our community,” said Emily Robertson, Roundwood’s founder.

“They are risking their lives for us on a daily basis.

“We hope that Roundwood can help, even if in a small way, to support the essential services in continuing with the incredible work they’re doing.”

The company has also manufactured 200ml bottles for the public to buy from their website

The aim of which is to help cover costs, while allowing them to maintain the free bulk supply to key essential services in the community.

They also have a limited amount of 10 litre trade size containers available.