Rotary members tackle Brampton churchyard as part of green project

Makeover at St Mary's churchyard by Rotary members

Members of Huntingdon and Huntingdon Cromwell Rotary clubs help tidy St Mary's churchyard at Brampton - Credit: Rotary

The churchyard at St Mary's in Brampton has been given a makeover as part of an environmental project by two Rotary clubs.

Huntingdon and Huntingdon Cromwell have come together with the aim of starting a third club which will concentrate on green issues and be family friendly.

Steve Legg, from Rotary, said the churchyard was bigger than it appeared and they had been given the opportunity to help give a boost to the usual maintenance.

"We were able to help with the weeding, removal of brambles and getting rid of the ivy which had been growing over some of the gravestones, anything really which made it look tidier," he said.

Mr Legg said the work had gone well and that the weather had been kind to them.

He added that anyone who wanted to get involved in a new club which concentrated on the environment could contact either of the two clubs.