There was an unexpected boost for St Ives Foodbank when it was donated the winning ticket to a trolley dash.

St Ives Rotary Club spent a week selling more than 1,250 tickets for the dash outside the Waitrose store in the town and, at the subsequent draw, the mayor of the town, Councillor Daniel Rowe, announced the winner.

However, the lucky recipient decided to donate their ticket to the foodbank, meaning that not only did the rotary club's named charities - the St Ives Heron Club and CALM Town Project - benefit but the foodbank also gained £400 worth of supplies.

Dash organiser, Ian Pemberton said: "It was a smashing way to not only raise funds for two worthwhile charities, but we also got to talk to a lot of people over the week and tell them about rotary. Many thanks to everyone who helped, to the Waitrose staff, and to the foodbank trolley-pushers for being such good sports."