Rogue traders demanded cash after calling at Huntingdon home

Police launch investigation into an assualt on a 50-year-old man in St Ives

Police launch investigation into an assualt on a 50-year-old man in St Ives - Credit: Archant

Rogue traders have targeted a homeowner in Huntingdon pretending to be from a roofing company.

The incident took place yesterday afternoon (Tuesday) where two men knocked at the property in Essex Road saying that they were there to check work that had already been completed.

The men then climbed onto the roof of her house and told the woman that they would need to pay a further £1,600 for work that still needs to be carried out.

However the owner had a warranty for the work already completed and told the two men to leave. They then left the property.

The homeowner then rang the company who carried out the initial work and was informed that the firm had not sent anyone to check.

The owner then contacted Cambridgeshire police at around 5.50pm.

A spokesman for Cambridgeshire police said: “The men are described as white, one about 5’ 7”, the other about 5’ 9”, both with black hair and one wore dungarees and red trainers, while the other wore a blue top and jeans.”

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“Thankfully the victim here wasn’t scammed out of any money, but sadly quite often this is not the case.

“To check a caller is genuine you can look up their company number in the phone book and check it against the card the caller has given you. Do not be tempted to just ring the number on the card, it may be fake. If they claim they are from a utility company, look at a recent bill to check the phone number.

“If you have any doubts at all as to whether the caller is genuine, ask them to leave and come back at a time that is convenient to you and when you have had a chance to ask someone to be with you.

“If you are ever in doubt that someone is not genuine, contact police on 101, or 999 if you are in any immediate danger.”

Anyone with information about the above crime should contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers, anonymously, on 0800 555 111.