Rotary clubs show support for Riverside Minature Railway in St Neots

Riverside Miniature Railway

Riverside Miniature Railway - Credit: Archant

The rotary clubs of St Neots and St Neots St Marys have handed over a cheque to the Riverside Miniature Railway (RMR).

A donation of £8,000 was present to Ivan Hewlett, chairman of the RMR and fellow members. The amount comprised of a donation of £2,000 from each of the two clubs which was matched with a further £4,000 from Rotary International.

The money will be used to purchase a wheelchair accessible coach reserved exclusively for less able bodied passengers and their family or carers, it will also be used to purchase purpose designed guard’s vehicles so that every train can be managed to the highest safety standards and will include an automatic vacuum braking system.

Mr Hewlett said: “The RMR is very grateful to the rotary movement for providing such a generous donation which will enable the RMR to give a fully exclusive railway experience. I expect the new coaches to be available for next year’s season.”

The Rotary Club of St Neots St Marys has also donated a further £3,000 to RMR. Rotary president William Waters added: “My club has been right behind this project from the start and we believe it will be a tremendous asset to the town ad bring many visitors to St Neots during the summer months. From next year it will be able to handle less able bodied passengers and we are pleased to give our support.”