Richard Howitt MEP visits Huntingdon to launch environment campaign

A campaign to encourage wildlife-friendly farming in Cambridgeshire was launched on Friday by East of England MEP Richard Howitt.

Mr Howitt visited Houghton Meadows with the Wildlife Trust to discover how ancient grassland can support sustainable farming.

He said reform of farming subsidies needed to promote environmentally-friendly land management.

“Houghton Meadows is a beautiful site of special scientific interest and one that illustrates the importance of managing the countryside to promote sustainable farming,” he said.

“Food production in Cambridgeshire, as in the rest of Europe, is dependent on a healthy natural environment with pollinating insects, good soils and clean water.

“As the European Commission reforms the Common Agricultural Policy I want to make sure they realise how important managing the countryside is, with Houghton Meadows a superb example to put forward.”