Hunts Post Adult Book Review: Outraged by Ashley Dotty Charles

Outraged by Ashley Dotty Charles available from Waterstones in St Neots

Outraged by Ashley Dotty Charles - Credit: WATERSTONES

Ashley Dotty Charles explores the media and Twitter phenomenon of people's outrage in this witty and insightful book.

She attempts to distill in a concise, yet approachable way, what causes people to lash out at others or institutions.

Dotty talks to people in the eye of some of these media storms and to some who caused them, all in an attempt to show us that by shouting about everything we have lost sight of the fights that actually matter.

Not content with just a history lesson of social media, she also explores ways in which behaviours can be changed. The warmth and passion that is shown throughout the book shows that Dotty has a genuine belief in the power of activism and the people involved.

As Ashley says herself 'we don’t need to care less, we just need to care better'. I really enjoyed this book , a serious subject is handled respectfully but with a genuine pinch of humour and common sense.

Prepare to laugh, to be enlightened but hopefully not outraged!

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