Book Review: Dance with Oti

Dance with Oti.

Dance with Oti. - Credit: Oti Mabuse

It's never too early to start getting excited about the new season of Strictly and there is no better way to get your little ones dancing around than to introduce them to the Bird Jive - Oti Mabuse's fantastic new picture book.

The story starts with a group of children going for their first lesson at Mrs Oti's dance studio. Some of them are really excited but there are also some who are nervous and worried that they won't be able to keep up.

Mrs Oti reassures them all that they are there to enjoy helping each other learn the dance. It's all about joining in and having fun not being perfect dancers.

Be prepared mums to be reading and jumping about at the same time, as the book is very interactive. For those who need a more visual approach to learning the steps, there is a QR code to scan which takes you to a video.

If you want to see the finished dance, watch Bee's Dance academy on Waterstones St Neots Instagram, it will show you how it should be done. By the end of it you will be cooking the dinner while doing the Bird Jive.