Residents stand up against racism at march through Huntingdon

Huntingdon Unite Against Hate march

Huntingdon Unite Against Hate march - Credit: Archant

Hundreds of people gathered in Huntingdon on Saturday to show their support for a march against racism.

Supporters gathered at Riverside Park before marching through the town’s High Street and on to the Medway Centre, in Oxmoor, where they joined up with the annual Unity in the Community event.

The march was organised in response to a series of hate-fuelled leaflets which were posted through doors in Huntingdon in the wake of the vote to leave the European Union.

The laminated leaflets labelled members of the Polish community ‘vermin’ and were widely condemned.

Dr Nik Johnson, who led the march, said: “There was representation from across the community and that was the most important thing; people were standing up and saying ‘no’ to racism.

“There was a really tumultuous and noisy reception as we walked through the High Street and the message was really out there. It was a celebration of sorts.”