Residents speak out over horror crash on St Ives road

RESIDENTS near the accident site have spoken of the moment they heard the fatal crash.

Phil Speaight, 63, has lived in Somersham Road for 18 years.

He said: “I was just sitting down to watch the Olympic ceremony when it happened.

“My wife and I went out and saw three or four cars and debris for 200-300 metres down the road. There was one car with four people in, one older guy and three younger and they were shaken. Their car was badly damaged and facing the wrong way.

“There was one car in a ditch but they all got out. I went back up to the top of the hill and rang 999 and to my amazement a man came out of the hedgerow all bloody.

“He had a head injury but could speak. He said his cousin and his cousin’s girlfriend were still in the car.

“I went over and saw the car.It was upright, but the roof was now so low there was only a small gap where the window would have been.

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“One moment you’re looking at the youth of tomorrow and celebrating the Olympics, the next two young people are dying in a ditch in Cambridgeshire.

“As a parent, I felt for the parents in Hungary getting the phone call about the tragedy on a Friday night or Saturday morning. I paid my condolences on Saturday and put a cross and some flowers from my garden at the roadside.”

Mr Speaight said he believed it to be the 12th time somebody had been killed within a mile of this accident in 18 years.

John Savage, 70, was working in his workshop at his home at Bridge Farm, Somersham Road, when he heard a loud smash.

“I’ve lived here for 15 to 16 years and this is the second time somebody has died in a crash at the same place,” he said. “I don’t think it’s a dangerous road. There are some treacherous spots around the area, but this is not one of them.”