A skatepark could be on the cards for Godmanchester.

Godmanchester Town Council has launched a survey to find out if residents want a park at the Judith's Field recreation area.

The council said in its survey: "Many local towns and villages have a successful, well-used community skatepark. The nearest are located at Stukeley Meadows, Buckden and the new one at Alconbury Weald.

"With the new development at Roman's edge, there will be an even bigger community of younger people for whom the town council is keen to provide recreation and educational facilities."

The council said: "Before this project is taken forward it is important to ascertain if there is support within our community."

It wants to know if residents support the idea of a skatepark, whether they think it would be a good use of community funds and if there were concerns about noise.

They council is also asking if families use other local skateparks, whether they would use the proposed site for scooters, skateboards or BMX bikes, and if they would be prepared to get involved in fundraising.

The survey is at http://gmccouncil.com/skate-park-questionnaire/ and is also available from the town hall.