Residents’ petition calls on drivers to ‘slow down’ in St Neots

Cllr Christine Green with Janet Saunders

Cllr Christine Green with Janet Saunders - Credit: Archant

A petition has been launched by residents in St Neots who fear that speeding motorists in their street could cause a serious accident.

Janet Saunders launched the petition after speaking to neighbours about her concerns over the speed of cars using Cemetery Road.

Janet lives in retirement flats in Garden Court and is worried that the amount of speeding cars going through the road could result in an accident.

Janet said: “The main concern for us is the speed that the cars enter the road at. I know that quite a lot of residents have nearly been knocked over due to cars whizzing past and not slowing down.

“What I would like from the petition is for the council to install speed bumps, yellow lines near the junction and a 10mph speed limit.

“Yellow lines were put in place around the area, which has just encouraged people to park on the junctions which makes it even more dangerous.

“We have already got 205 signatures and nearly everyone I asked was for the idea. Two of the people I asked had said they had been knocked over when walking down there and that has really frightened them.”

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Janet added: “It is a really busy road and it is becoming more dangerous. I’m really hoping that this petition will help people realise how frightening the road is and how something needs to be done.”

The petition will be presented to St Neots Town Council.

The town council has already applied for a zebra crossing to be installed in Church Street, and Janet is hoping that she can get the other traffic calming measures included too.

An application for local highways improvement funding has been submitted to Cambridgeshire County Council.

Local highways improvement funding is a jointly funded application, through which organisations can apply for up to £10,000 as a contribution to their scheme. The applicant is expected to provide a minimum contribution of 10 per cent of the total scheme cost. Councillor Christine Green, town councillor for St Neots Priory Church ward, said: “This road is so dangerous, there are a lot of vulnerable people that have to use it and it’s not safe. People speed around the corner from both ways, and someone could easily be knocked over.

“I will fight my case at the town council meeting to make sure that we can make this area safe as there are a lot of blind spots.”

where people cannot see people coming round the corner. There are also a lot of cars and vans that are parking on the corner of the road which makes it impossible to see.”