Residents of Godmanchester street urged to be vigilant after vehicles are vandalised

Police were in attendance

Police were in attendance - Credit: Archant

Car owners living in Kisby Avenue, Godmanchester, have appealed to their neighbours to be vigilant following a spate of attacks on vehicles.

Jodie Smith said her Ford Fiesta was badly scratched overnight while parked in the road just a week after the vehicle belonging to her partner Jay Walker was vandalised.

“I reported it to the police, but as there was no CCTV in the area there was not much they could do about it,” Ms Smith said. “My car is still damaged because it is costly to repair.”

Graeme Outridge said his vehicle had been ‘keyed’ twice and appealed to neighbours to be vigilant and asked police to increase surveillance of the area.

“This is an on going saga, and the residents of Kisby Avenue have been plagued by this petty vandalism for six months,” Mr Outridge said.

A Cambridgeshire police spokesman confirmed one report in recent weeks of an attack on a car in Kisby Avenue and urged those who had experienced similar incidents to report it to the police.