Residents’ association calls for action to help end problem parking

Essex Road, in Huntingdon. Picture: GOOGLE

Essex Road, in Huntingdon. Picture: GOOGLE - Credit: Archant

A residents’ association is calling for action to be taken to tackle problem parking in Huntingdon after years of “empty promises” by local authorities.

Many people living in Essex Road say they have become increasingly frustrated about the lack of space and the amount of cars – many of which don’t belong to residents – are being parked in the street.

Resident Mutsai Pfende said: “A few of the residents in Essex Road have, over the past two years, actively pushed for a solution to this issue - all efforts have come to nought.”

According to Mr Pfende, work was carried out by the Essex Road Residents’ Association, which was set up with the help of Huntingdon town councillors in 2012, to engage with councils.

Daljit Saini, chairman of the association, said: “I have been trying for many years to resolve this for our residents but no one has really helped us. We hear from councillors, MPs and mayors but no one really does anything.”

Residents say they have been pushing for solutions which, they hope, will improve the community and quality of life for residents

“The meetings have yielded nothing leaving the residents feeling like they are not listened to,” said Mr Pfende.

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The call comes after The Hunts Post published district council member Councillor Leedo George’s proposal to turn green space in Huntingdon North into car parking space to help resolve the problem, a move which has been supported by those in Essex Road.

Cllr George said that since becoming a district councillor he has pushed the district council and other organisations to sort out the problems.

“We have had no success in our efforts to improve car parking which is a major problem in terms of fire hazard, ambulance calls, and just plain getting to work when a car blocks your exit,” Cllr George said.

The association has also put forward its own ideas including the demolition of “hideous and eyesore garages, construction of lay-by style parking and numbered spaces”.

“Residents with adequate spaces outside their properties should also be allowed to convert this to parking spaces,” added Mr Pfende.

“If they [local councils] are to resolve this issue they need to engage the residents. And not just make empty promises and keep us running around in circles.”

Despite the claims town council member for Huntingdon North, Councillor Patrick Kadewere, told The Hunts Post that motions had previously been put in place to allow for homeowners to convert front gardens into driveways.

“The reality is parking needs to be sorted. These houses were not built properly for the amount of cars that are on the roads nowadays,” said Cllr Kadewere.

Following another push by Mr Saini, the district council has been in contact with him to talk further about the problem.

Huntingdonshire District Council did not respond to The Hunts Post’s request for comment regarding the parking situation.