Report says Hinchingbrooke Hospital has ‘lower than expected death rates’

FEWER than expected patients at Hinchingbrooke Hospital are dying whilst in care, according to a report into mortality rates.

The Dr Foster report, released today, showed Hinchingbrooke was one of the worst hospitals in the country for operating on fractured hips within 48 hours of the patient’s admission with 42 per cent waiting three days or more.

It also claimed that mortality rates in the UK were higher if people were admitted at weekends than during the week.

However a lower than average nine per cent of patients at Hinchingbrooke died whilst in hospital but of these deaths, a quarter were admitted to die in care.

It also showed that 82 in every 1,000 patients died within a month of being discharged after hospital treatments and less than 0.1 per cent died after surgery.

The annual report into hospital care, now in its 10th year, aims to increase accountability within hospitals and allows patients the best places to receive care.