A selection of prize winning beers were on offer at the Campaign for Real Ale’s (CAMRA) Booze on the Ouse Beer and Cider festival.

Held at The Burgess Hall, St Ives around 1,200 people drank 4,350 pints over the three days with many getting a taste of some of the 20 beers that won at CAMRA’s championship beer of Britain competition earlier this year.

CAMRA spokesman Paul Moorehouse said: “The festival went very well, it was really successful.

“It was great to have so many prize winning beers on offer, we always try to get a few but we were lucky to have so many this year, it meant that people could try top notch ale.”

Through the festival there were a variety of beers and cider on offer but this year Paul was proud of the amount of stouts that were on the menu.

“We don’t normally have a lot of dark beers on offer but this year we had quite a range, which is great as I think more pubs are now stocking a variety of dark beers.”

The event attracted also attracted a number of new members to CAMRA.