A rare contagion window was uncovered at a chapel in Ramsey earlier this month.

The window being cleaned upThe window being cleaned up

The window, which was unveiled on March 13, had been boarded up since 1940 and is believed to be one of only a handful of surviving examples in England.

The window was used to protect mourners from any infectious diseases that the deceased may have died from, but at the same time allowed them to pay their respects.

It is located in the Mortuary Chapel, in Wood Lane. The Grade II-listed building consists of two chapels, one Anglican and the other non-conformist.

Ramsey town councillor Steve Corney and chapel volunteer Rod Sambrook both took time to clean the window after it was unveiled for the first time in almost 80 years.

The window once it was cleaned up.The window once it was cleaned up.

The mayor of Ramsey, Councillor Doug McIlwain said: “They didn’t know what to expect. Gold coins or giant spiders! The window was amazingly intact apart from the glass. Councillor Corney then cleaned out 78 years of dust and cobwebs and also kindly took all the debris away.

“I am very proud that Ramsey has one of the windows and we are pushing to restore it to its original glory. It’s important to preserve history alongside progress in Ramsey that’s what I’m trying to do.”

If you would like to see the window and the rest of the chapels, you can visit the heritage and archive centre free of charge on Ramsey’s upcoming Heritage Day, taking place on April 8, from 11am-5pm.