Ramsey woman rescued from burning home by firefighters

A WOMAN was rescued from a bungalow filled with smoke after a fire broke out in her living room on Thursday evening (September 20).

Crews from Ramsey and Huntingdon were alerted to the fire in a home in Little Whyte, Ramsey, at 11.10pm by a woman who was inside and rapidly becoming overcome by smoke and was struggling to leave the building.

A fire control room operator told the woman to stay low and try and exit the bungalow.

Firefighters entered the building and rescued the woman before tackling the fire, caused by an electric fan heater, which had spread to the living room door.

The woman was treated for smoke inhalation by the firefighters before she was taken to hospital by ambulance.

The living room was oartially damaged by fire and the whole building was heavily smoke damaged.

Tony Thacker, Watch Commander at Ramsey said: “The house was extremely smoke logged with almost no visibility. Combined Fire Control did an excellent job in difficult circumstances to advise the casualty, who was extremely distressed, while passing information to crews at the same time.

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“When crews arrived they acted very quickly to gain access to the living room by extinguishing the fire and locating the casualty.

“The fire was caused by an electric fan heater which was upside down and set fire to the carpet. It’s important to take care with these heaters to ensure they do not set fire to nearby flammable objects.”

Fire crews were back at base by 12.45am.